Sexuality, Health and Gender (SHAG) Center

Exploring sexuality through research, education, and training

Welcome to the SHAG Center!

Sexuality is central to human development across the life course, encompassing sexual identity and expression, gender identities and roles, sexual diversities, intimacy, reproduction and safety. Despite its importance to all individuals’ lives, significant gaps remain in research, education and training.

The SHAG Center was established by faculty in the Sexual Health and Education Specialization at the Brown School of Social Work to address these critical gaps.

Center Priorities

The Sexuality, Health, and Gender (SHAG) Center includes contingents of staff, students, and postdoctoral researchers, as well as tenure line, research, clinical and teaching faculty focused on the integration of sexuality into research, education and practice.

The SHAG Center focuses efforts on the following core activities: 

  1. Collaboration between all lines of faculty across the WashU community and beyond with significant student inclusion
  2. Advancement of rigorous science in SHAG-relevant areas
  3. Promotion of pilot projects to encourage new research and practice partnerships
  4. Promotion of colloquium and other opportunities for idea development and mentorship
  5. Training of workforce by developing and promoting continuing education opportunities

Mission & Vision

Vision: A world where sexuality is central to pursuing health, wellness, and social justice.

Mission: Through education, research, and practice on the role of sexuality and gender in health, the SHAG Center works to improve the well-being of all people.